Rayvolt Cruzer Ebike 1000 W Power Hub

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The Rayvolt Story

The Rayvolt Philosophy is to promote alternative transportation by offering our customers a clean, high tech and stylish way to commute.

The name comes from the Sun Ray and the electrical unit Volt and put together sounds like its homonym “Revolt”. The Sunray, the Voltage, and the Revolt are the fundamentals behind the brand.

Join the Rayvolution

The Rayvolt Bike Cruzer is the original model that inspired Rayvolt. Its design is influenced by the first motorcycle era, the 60’s café racer and surfing beach cruiser. This vintage design combined to the innovative technology from EIVA and the Rayvolt Hub makes this bike a timeless piece that will definitely mark an era. The Rayvolt Cruzer is available in Clockwork Orange, British Green and Gun Metal Grey.

Fast Facts about Rayvolt

  • Based in Barcelona, where the team fully does tall R&D
  • The name comes from the Sun´s Ray and the electrical unit Volt and put together sounds like its homonym "Revolt"
  • Our products are clean in every way from the manufacturing process using 100% solar energy to build the bikes and banning all polluting materials such as PVC
  • We use Lithium on all our batteries as it is the best clean energy available today for performance application. Lithium is a natural resource that is 100% recyclable.





1000W. (43 km/h, 27 Mile/h)


Battery Both life of 1000 cycle

SAMSUNG Li-ion Dual






Li-Ion Smart Charger

54V and 4 A. 2h30’ charge time


Frame / Weights

L Size 34 kg



26”x 3” L Size



26x3.0 for 26”


Light kit

Headlight LED+Red Backlight LED (not included)